We are moving
towards a sustainable future


Welcome to Aren Paper Mills

We are an innovative and sustainable paper company, with years of practical experience in the paper and board industry. We have developed comprehensive knowledge to deliver the right products to market.

Our Story

Incorporated in 2017, Aren Paper Mills Ltd. is the first indigenous greyboard manufacturer in Nigeria. Aren Paper Mills is a sustainable and innovative paper company in Lagos.With a mission to provide high quality materials and solutions- using sustainable technologies. Aren have crafted an experienced team with a comprehensive knowledge of the paper and board industry to provide the market with the right products.

Aren Paper uses recycled paper as its raw material to transform into useful greyboard which has a number of applications to everyday paper products-hardback books, office files, notebooks, games, packaging and more.

The motivated and enthusiastic people work in our factory and offices to ensure the production of quality products and unrivalled customer service. They are the beating heart of our company and are responsible for Aren’s success in the market.

The vision is to be the leading global manufacturer of recycled paper based substrates for a wide variety of industries and applications. Aren also strive for zero-waste production and inspire industry partners to make the same choices and take steps towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


Brand Purpose

Defining the brand purpose from the company’s vision: These keywords were adapted;

- Nation building
- People-centered
- Sustainability


Brand Values

Our corporate philosophy is defined and hinged
on values such as;

- Innovation
- Community
- Commitment
- Value creation

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Our Mission

Create a work environment that harnesses the full potential of our people through the manufacture of quality paper products to satisfy rising demand and reignite the “Made in Nigeria” mark.

Our Vision

Develop the paper industry through the power of technology, value-added services and commerce, with a passionate commitment to environmental sustainability.